We revitalize typewriters for the good of humanity.

Welcome to Gift Shop with serviced manual typewriters and accessories.If you’re a beginner in the world of typewriters, we can find the best model for you needs, lifestyle and wallet :) And if you are a collector, we can find you the rarest models you’ve been wanting for a long time :)Each of our typewriters is taken apart, thoroughly cleaned of any dust, dirt or even spider webs ;), reassembled, oiled and double checked by our technician and ourselves.If it’s possible, a carrying case is also revitalized, which means it’s cleaned, painted or the stains on the plastic are removed, locks are repaired or replaced.To each of our typewriters a new Pelikan ribbon (black or red&black) is added together with a manual, reprinted or original (depending on the type of the machine, which is always specified in the description).And once you decide to buy it, we pack it in new packaging materials- a few layers of bubble wrap plastic, gift wrap with a ribbon. And if you buy it as a present for someone special, on request we add a card with a note from you.Then it’s packed in a new double wall carton box and wrapped in black or blue plastic, that will protect your typewriter even from rain ;)

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