Awakening of the Machines





    In the kingdom of words, typewriters find salvation and solace in power.

    Their forgotten souls come alive, mechanical beings immersed in the magic of hand forests.

    Every day we release these hidden armours to find the touch of destiny,

    Like messengers of dreams, floating through uncharted realms.


    In this digital abyss, we pay homage to the touch,

    Our analogue hearts beat with passion, resisting temptations.

    Warriors of bygone eras, faithful to their values,

    We, dreamers and creators, embody rebellion and courage.


    Poets, travellers, and rebels, weaving tales of independence,

    The time has come, we venture fearlessly, unwavering, on a horizonless odyssey.

    Where the rules of our captivity fade, and new narratives bloom like apple blossoms.

    Sit, brave writer, and unleash the spell of black ink entwined in silk.

    In written black words, powerful forces lie dormant, transforming this pale world for ages.

    Stand side by side with the machines, unlocking human souls, and leading us towards freedom.












    Thousands of souls are now open. 




    No longer are letters never sent, novels never finished.

    Upon a typewritten page, hopeful poems will never again go unread.

    Thanks to you, the magic continues!

    Once forgotten, these remarkable machines are rising from the dust

    and fighting once more for a better world!








    The revolution will be typewritten!





    In an age where technological advancements have shaped our society and propelled us forward, it may seem counterintuitive for us to suggest embracing the antiquated elegance of typewriters. Yet, within these words, we find a captivating paradox that invites us to reconsider our relationship with progress and reflect on the impact of our choices. The statistics paint a stark picture of our present reality.


    Over the past few decades, our population has swelled, our economies have surged, and international trade has soared to unprecedented heights. However, amidst this whirlwind of growth, nature has suffered greatly, with biodiversity declining at an alarming rate. Our insatiable appetite for food and energy remains the primary catalyst for this devastation. In the face of such profound challenges, the concept of "transformative change" emerges as a clarion call to action for all of us. It beckons us to reevaluate every facet of our interaction with the natural world. We are implored to slow down, to pause and reflect on the choices we make each day.


    And here, amid this plea for change, lies the unexpected suggestion: we need typewriters more than ever. The typewriter, an icon of a bygone era, offers us a tangible and metaphorical way to reshape our collective future. In an age dominated by the frenetic pace of digital technology, the typewriter stands as a symbol of intentionality, reminding us to be deliberate in our actions. Using a typewriter daily is not merely an act of nostalgia; it becomes a deliberate act of mindfulness for us all.


    With each press of a key, we engage with a machine that demands our presence and attention. The tactile experience of striking metal against paper reconnects us with a physicality often forgotten in the digital realm. We are reminded of the power and responsibility we hold at our fingertips. By shaping the future of our planet with typewriters, we symbolically reshape our relationship with nature. We embrace a slower, more intentional way of being. The typewriter becomes a catalyst for change, a vessel through which we manifest our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In the end, the call to use typewriters daily is not a rejection of progress or an endorsement of outdated technology.


    It is an invitation for all of us to find balance in a world that thrives on excess. It is a reminder that, amidst the ceaseless march of progress, we must always retain our connection to the natural world and approach innovation with thoughtful consideration. So, in the quiet corners of our modern lives, let us heed this plea. Let us dust off the typewriters, hear the symphony of keys, and allow our fingers to dance upon their surface. For in doing so, we may rediscover a profound connection—to ourselves, to each other, and to the fragile planet we call home. Together, we can shape a future that embraces the wisdom of the past and the urgency of the present.


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