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Custom Made Medium Typewriter Dust Cover for Portable Manual Vintage Typewriters

Custom Made Medium Typewriter Dust Cover for Portable Manual Vintage Typewriters

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M - Medium size cover:
Average measurements for a medium typewriter cover, such as one designed for the Hermes 3000, typically fall within the following range:
Width: Approximately 14 to 16 inches
Depth: Approximately 12 to 14 inches
Height: Approximately 5 to 6 inches

Please note that these measurements are estimates and can vary based on the specific model of the typewriter. The Hermes 3000, for example, is generally about 14 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 5 inches high. If You are unsure what model You own just send us pictures before or after purchase. We provide a form for you to input the specific measurements of your typewriter. It ensures that the cover we craft will fit your specific machine perfectly, providing optimal protection while also enhancing its appearance.



Select the custom cover option from our shop and proceed to checkout. You can choose between Vinyl or Fabric Material.

2)Measurement Form:
Once confirming your purchase, we will send you a form along with a diagram (first picture of the listing) to assist you in measuring the width, height, and length and more details about your typewriter. This ensures that the cover we create will be the perfect fit for your machine.

3)Custom Choices:
Within the form, you'll also be able to further personalize your cover. Choose your preferred trim colour from our gallery (or ask if you have a specific colour in mind) and select the material for your cover. We offer a variety of fabrics as well as a transparent Cristal Clear Vinyl (PVC) plastic option (The thickness ranges between 0.1.5mm - 0.3mm depending on the model we prepare)

4)Provide Measurements & Preferences: Fill out the form with the accurate measurements and your personal trim colour and material choices. These specifications will allow us to create a cover that truly meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

5)Confirmation and Production:
Once we receive your form, we will review the provided measurements and preferences and confirm these with you before production begins. Because all are handmade and we care about quality our processing time is typically between 5-10 days, during which each cover is meticulously handcrafted.

6) Shipping & Delivery:
After crafting the cover to your typewriter's specifications, we'll ship it to you. Transit time for overseas shipping typically ranges from 10-21 working days, while EU deliveries usually take 3-10 days. For peace of mind, we offer a shipping upgrade for an additional €10, which includes tracking and full insurance.

By following these steps, we can ensure a smooth purchase process and a dust cover that perfectly meets your specifications. Our high-quality, custom-sized dust covers offer the best fusion of style, protection, and functionality, shipped securely and safely right to your doorstep.



If you have any further questions, need more information, or require assistance with the measurement process, please feel free to contact us.

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Embrace your love for typewriters with our Dust Covers – an ideal blend of style, protection, and functionality.



Our Dust Covers present a practical solution, saving you from the trouble of stowing your typewriter back in its case after each use.
Preserve your typewriter against dust and damaging elements with our new, limited edition,

Design & Craftsmanship:
These covers are original designs. The idea was born years ago when we talked with a friend who asked about fabric dust cover and mentioned that will be great to see the typewriter when it is covered enjoying the display on his desk. We invented in our workshop handcrafted from superior quality materials, protecting your beloved typewriters from dust, stains, and other contaminants when not in use.
Their design allows for easy sliding over your typewriter and they can be folded simply for storage. These covers are also washable, offering sustained cleanliness and durability.
Tailoring to individual preferences, we offer custom designs for other models and rare typewriters. You can personalize your cover with custom trim colours and sizes to accommodate long-carriage typewriters, ensuring the perfect fit and look for your machine.

Quality & Durability:
PVC fabric is renowned for its strength and longevity. With its resistance to wear and tear, it stands as an excellent choice for items requiring durable, long-lasting protection. We are so confident in the quality of these covers that we offer a 2-year warranty. Having sold these covers for over 5 years without a single claim is a testament to their lasting durability.



Clear Transparent Vinyl, also known as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), is a versatile fabric that is characterized by its smooth, glossy surface and its transparency.

The transparent nature of this fabric allows you to view the item it's covering. This is especially beneficial for typewriter covers, as you can showcase your typewriter even when it's protected.

This synthetic material is both durable and flexible, known for its strength and longevity, making it a popular choice for various uses including furniture covers, bags, clothing, and in our case - typewriter covers.

It is water-resistant, offering protection from spills or humidity that could potentially harm your typewriter.

Recycled: We consciously choose PVC for our covers due to its recyclability. When it reaches the end of its life, PVC can be effectively recycled. In fact, PVC boasts the longest history of recycling among all plastics and offers the most advanced level of mechanical recycling. When you choose our dust covers, you're not contributing to the 91% of plastic waste that never gets recycled. Instead, you're becoming part of a story of mindful consumption and responsible stewardship.



This material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, maintaining its clear, pristine appearance with minimal effort. For optimal results, we recommend using clean water with a few drops of dish soap or any mineral spirits for cleaning purposes. It's important to avoid using aggressive chemicals, solvents, or any liquids containing acetone for cleaning, as these substances can damage the material and compromise its transparency. Any damage caused by such cleaning agents will not be eligible for claims.

PVC fabric can become less flexible in cold temperatures and can soften under intense heat, which may impact its performance and lifespan in certain climates. Therefore, we recommend storing your typewriter in a place that doesn't experience drastic temperature swings, ideally a climate-controlled environment. Avoid placing your typewriter in direct sunlight or near heat sources to protect both the machine and the PVC cover. Regularly monitoring storage conditions can help ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your transparent vinyl typewriter cover.

PVC, being a synthetic material, tends not to be as breathable as natural fabrics, which could lead to reduced air circulation around the covered item. However, this should not pose a problem if you use your typewriter daily or frequently as regular use allows for air exchange. Moreover, if you are a collector or own multiple typewriters, routine maintenance and care for your machines will naturally involve removing the covers from time to time, ensuring adequate air circulation.

Wrinkles can form in your PVC dust cover due to folding or improper storage, but they are generally easy to remove with a bit of heat. A common household hairdryer can be used for this task in order to prevent wrinkles and maintain the shape of your cover.. Proper storage not only helps in maintaining the aesthetics of the cover but also prolongs its lifespan.



Removing Wrinkles:

1)Setup: Ensure the cover is laid flat on a heat-resistant surface. Smooth out the cover as much as possible by hand before starting.

2)Hairdryer Setting: Set your hairdryer to a low heat setting to avoid damaging the material. Holding it too close or using a high heat setting can cause the PVC to overheat and potentially warp or melt.

3)Application: Hold the hairdryer approximately six inches away from the wrinkled surface. Slowly move the hairdryer in a sweeping side-to-side motion across the wrinkled area.

4)Softening and Smoothing: Continue this process until the heat softens the plastic and the wrinkles start to disappear. You can gently smooth out wrinkles with your hand as the plastic softens, but be careful to avoid burns.

5)Cooling Down: Allow the cover to cool and harden again before moving it.

Please remember to handle this process with care. While heat can help remove wrinkles, excessive heat or too close proximity can damage the cover. If you're unsure or uncomfortable with this process, please feel free to reach out to us for further guidance. This method should be used as a last resort for severe wrinkles.


Customer Reviews

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Daniel Louest
Made to measure. Well finished. Good servi...

Made to measure. Well finished. Good service. Highly recommended.

Susanne Krivit
Perfect. Just as I hoped. Thank you so m...

Perfect. Just as I hoped. Thank you so much!

Joanna Segundo
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Shriev Yampolskaya
Fits my Underwood five great, and looks wa...

Fits my Underwood five great, and looks way better than the shopping bag that was covering it before. Thanks so much for a great custom cover!