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Olympiette DeLuxe, Gray Manual Vintage Typewriter, Serviced

Olympiette DeLuxe, Gray Manual Vintage Typewriter, Serviced

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Our Repair Shop professionally services each typewriter. We have 10 years of experience in restoring thousands of typewriters. We always work hard to make these machines shine and type smoothly again. They're taken apart, thoroughly cleaned (deep chemical cleaning) reassembled, oiled, and adjusted. Also polished or repainted if needed and if it's possible.

As proof, we always record a video before shipping. You will receive a copy of the test page with the serial number. Everything is double-checked by our team to be sure that you will receive the highest quality original typewriter.

WARRANTY (available only for products bought on our webpage)
Two-Years Worldwide Warranty is signed by a technician. We provide legal invoices and worldwide technician support. Don't worry if you have any issues with your new typewriter. That's the reason you buy in our store, we will take care of everything. Any hidden technical problem is covered by our warranty. The typewriter will be serviced or replaced at our cost. It is our standard!

Each item is packed in a few layers of special wrap and two new eco-friendly cardboard boxes to protect it in transit. Every standard or priority shipping is followed by us and covered by 100% insurance. We shipped overseas almost 4000 typewriters to over 60 countries! Delivered safe and sound! You can purchase with confidence.

The Olympiette De Luxe typewriter with a QWERTY keyboard layout and the inclusion of the "ñ" key indicates a model adapted for the Spanish-speaking market. The QWERTY layout is standard in many countries, including the United States, and the addition of the "ñ" key shows attention to the specific needs of Spanish language typists.
In terms of features and design, this version of the Olympiette De Luxe would share many characteristics with other models from the same era, such as:
- A compact and portable design, making it suitable for both office and mobile use.
- A robust build, typical of Olympia typewriters, known for their durability.
- Likely inclusion of features such as an easy-to-use ribbon system and possibly a carrying case for enhanced portability.
- automatic shift key
These typewriters are appreciated for their blend of functionality and classic aesthetics, making them popular among both users and collectors. The specific adaptation for different language keyboards, like the inclusion of the "ñ" key for Spanish, reflects the global reach of the Olympia brand and their attention to the needs of diverse user groups.

All our typewriters are professionally serviced.
Refurbished, clean, excellent working condition. Perfect vintage condition!!! A new ribbon is installed prior to shipping.
All the photos and descriptions of the items in our shop are as accurate as possible, but if you have any questions, please ask us for additional info.

Made in Japan
Design: Designed by engineers working for the manufacturer.
Body: plastic
Colour: original, light gray/white, black details
Typewriter weight:
Typewriter+Case weight:
Size: on request
Serial number: no serial number
Font: Classic, Pica

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