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    Lisa Ann

    Poet, Ars Poetica Founder   arspoetica.us

    Typewriters: Limited Edition of Hermes Baby Chrome, Flamingo Pink Olympia SM7


    Lisa about us :

    El Granero is the most glorious typewriter purveyor on planet earth. Their refurbished and custom machines are like tiny angels from the days of yore. And their service is phenomenal.

    Cassie Criminger

    Graphic Designer PivotDesign.com

    Typewriters: 4 x Olivetti Studio 46 Black Exclusive edition


    Cassie about us :

    Ania & Jacek were wonderful to work with. We needed 4 of the same Olivetti Studio 46 black typewriters for a company's new brand launch. They were very responsive in working with us as we arranged everything to be shipped to multiple company headquarters around a tight timeline. We also appreciated that they got on skype to work with our client when we needed some help troubleshooting. The typewriters are beautiful and will be permanently on display (and used!) at each location for years to come. We'd definitely purchase from them in the future and have had a great experience! Thanks for all of your help, Ania & Jacek! :) ★★★★★



    Patrick Obley 

    Sports Editor, Typewriter Collector, Possible originator of “dumpster fire”

    Typewriters: 13 x our typewriters, Olivetti Studio 44, 46, M40, Royal Model A, Lexicon 80...


    Patrick about us:

    I'm a very regular customer of El Granero for the obvious reason that their typewriters are the best you can buy. I have more than a dozen of their offerings and I won't be stopping there! Beyond the great care, service and packing, there's something else unique about EG: Their selection is ... well ... unique. Look at this machine! A Royal in Spain! You just don't ever find such machines so far from Royal's American home. Also: IT'S BLUE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! How many of these do you think Royal made? How many are still out there? The number is tiny. Yet El Granero had this one and they have many more amazing and rare offerings. And beyond the machines, Ania and Jacek are just wonderful people. I am so happy I've gotten to know them. You should, too. Buy with no reservations, people! :) ★★★★★

    Tallie Gabriel

    Poet, musician, and spiritual practitioner talliegabriel.com

    Typewriter: Limited Edition of Hermes Baby Chrome


    Tallie about us :

    UNBELIEVABLE quality and friendly, responsive customer service. If you want a unique, custom typewriter there's no one better in the industry!! I am so thrilled with my chrome Hermes Baby with mint green keys - cannot recommend El Granero enough!! ★★★★★

    Brandon D.  Lamson   

    Creative Writing Teacher, Author   brandondeanlamson.com

    Typewriter: Fab TORPEDO Model 18


    Brandon about us:

    The typewriter that I received from El Granero is of outstanding quality and their customer service is excellent. They quickly responded to all of my questions and helped me to become familiar with this beautiful machine. ★★★★★

    Dean A. Christiansen

    Fine art Photographer based in NY dean.photo

    Typewriter: Iconic Olivetti Lettera 32


    Dean about us :

    We received our shipment promptly and found it VERY well packaged against any possible shipping issue. And even gift wrapped! The typewriter itself was exactly as described, clearly recently serviced, and worked perfectly/flawlessly right out of its travel wrappings. The photos of the Etsy offering were accurate. Great service, and purchase. I happily recommend ElGanero without hesitation or reservation. Thank You! ★★★★★

    Raymond Vickers 

    Typewriter Collector, Energy Industry Executive and Legal Counsel 

    Typewriters: Remington Portable N2, Corona Nº4, Olivetti Studio 44, 46, Invicta, Ico


    Ray about us:

    Difficult to describe how pleased I was when this one was finally freed of the super packing in which it arrived. This rare machine had received some touch-up work from Jacek and Ania. Whether to do this had been a difficult question, but the results were super beyond expectation. You can depend on El Granero to do their very best for you, and their best is hard to beat. And, as many reviewers have said, communicating and dealing with them is pure delight. Olivetti ICO is number 4 for me, and there will be more to come. ★★★★★

    Elizabeth Torres  

    Poet, Multimedia Artist madamneverstop.com

    Typewriters: 2 x Olivetti Pluma 22, Olivetti College, Lettera 25


    About Elizabeth:

    Her work intertwines poetry, visuals and soundscapes, language and performance, combining visions and concepts across various art forms and media.

    Award-winning poet, multimedia artist and translator, author of over 20 books of poetry published in various languages, most recently “The Ways of the Firefly” published in English and German by Moloko Plus,