All You need is love and a good typewriter!


    For the last 20 years, we've been living on the Spanish Costa del Sol, enjoying the sunny weather, bringing up our two sons, and four rescued dogs, and combining our passions into one fulfilling journey. We've always liked exceptional things, and we always start each of our trips with a visit to a local flea market where we hunt for treasures.


    The idea of having our shop appeared many years ago during our trip to Amsterdam, but at that time, we couldn't have dreamt about selling our bits and pieces to such distant countries as New Zealand, China, the USA or Sri Lanka! Now thanks to the Internet, anything is possible! We named it El Granero*Typewriter Gift Shop (English-*The Barn), and that’s how it was born! We started receiving emails from our first clients! "WOW! amazing customer service! Thank You!" Maybe it will sound cliché, but our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and the key is our products' quality!


    Thousands of romantic love letters and greeting cards were written on our typewriters! Machines are displayed in museums and galleries and hundreds of them are in private collections worldwide. The Pink Olivetti Lettera 32 is in Lady Gaga's hands, a set of custom-made Olivetti Letteras 35 on Eddie Vedder's desk, and our Lilac Olivetti Lettera 25 in Ruby Rose's house. Our Olivettis have starred in Wes Anderson's new movie. The list is growing, and more and more people are inspired!


    We've been running the Typewriter business for almost 10 years, and now El Granero Typewriter Gift Shop is the biggest physical Typewriter Shop in Europe, with over 200m2 and hundreds of typewriters and accessories on the stock.
    A typewriter is a machine, right? but with a soul! It is your heavy-duty best friend... Your feelings, thoughts, the keys, and the touch of your fingers will take minutes, hours, years... Imagine your stories, your memories, your heritage. In the future, it will be a perfect gift for someone you love... A new story will begin.