We restore typewriters for the good of humanity.






    Every day for years, we have been shipping exceptional typewriters to new owners.


    Close your eyes, and you will see them flying overseas like birds.


    It is a new age era where digital minds embrace analogue hearts.

    We are long-live dreamers, we are storytellers, poets, travellers and rebels! It's our time to make a move and break the rules.
    Let's begin, have no fear just sit and start writing what you love.









    Thousands of souls are now open.




    No longer are letters never sent, novels never finished.

    Upon a typewritten page, hopeful poems will never again go unread.

    Thanks to you, the magic continues!

    Once forgotten, these remarkable machines are rising from the dust

    and fighting once more for a better world!







  • Revolution will be typewritten!


    Revolution will be typewritten!





    The world's population has doubled since 1970, the global economy has grown four-fold, while international trade has increased 10 times over. Nature everywhere is declining at speed never previously seen and our need for ever more food and energy are the main drivers. These trends can be halted, but they will take "transformative change" in every aspect of how we interact with nature.


    We have to slow down. The world needs Typewriters more then ever! Use a typewriter daily, shape the future of our planet with your fingers.