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Limited Edition Pluma 22 Black Typewriter, Professionally Serviced

Limited Edition Pluma 22 Black Typewriter, Professionally Serviced

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is a premium destination for writers and artists seeking a unique and authentic vintage writing experience. Our shop specializes in offering meticulously serviced manual typewriters, curated gifts, and accessories tailored to the needs of creative souls. Located near Malaga in Southern Spain, we proudly stand as Europe's largest physical Typewriter Shop, having served over four thousand satisfied clients from 71 countries since 2013. Our diverse collection boasts hundreds of meticulously restored typewriters from various brands, keyboard types, and languages.


Our Repair Shop takes meticulous care in professionally servicing each typewriter. With a decade of experience restoring thousands of typewriters, we ensure these machines shine and type smoothly once again. Our process involves disassembly, thorough deep cleaning, reassembly, oiling, and meticulous adjustment. We even provide polishing or repainting when necessary.


As a testament to our commitment, we create a personalized video for each typewriter before shipping. Alongside the serial number, you'll receive a copy of the test page, an authenticity certificate, and a quality assurance document. Our dedicated team double-checks everything to guarantee you receive a top-notch original, be it restored or refurbished.



These typewriters are in impeccable vintage cosmetic and mechanical condition. Our professional servicing involves refurbishing, cleaning, oiling, and fine-tuning them to perfection. We always include a new ribbon before shipping. While our shop's photographs and descriptions are designed for accuracy, we encourage you to reach out for any additional information.


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For sale is the legendary Olivetti Pluma/Lettera 22, a mechanical portable typewriter conceptualized by the illustrious Marcello Nizzoli and constructed by the esteemed Italian manufacturer, Olivetti S.p.A. First presented to the world in 1950, this model has been widely admired for its robust functionality and streamlined design, quickly becoming a preferred tool of writers, journalists, and students globally.

The Pluma/Lettera 22 is outfitted with a full 88-character keyboard, a backspace key, a margin release key, a ribbon colour selector, and a carriage release lever. It uses a standard ribbon and stands testament to durable metal craftsmanship that not only withstands frequent use but also radiates a minimalist aesthetic appeal that stands the test of time.

This model showcases the magic of compactness and portability, measuring approximately 12 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. It weighs approximately 7.7 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to carry. This portability amplifies its universal charm, especially among travelling writers and correspondents.

These specifications and weight are consistent for both American and European customers since these physical traits are unaffected by geographical region. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can seamlessly integrate this iconic piece of history into your collection.

The Olivetti Pluma/Lettera 22 is a true representation of sophistication and utility combined into one device, and we would be thrilled to offer this piece of history to your collection. Seize this chance to own an Olivetti Pluma/Lettera 22, the perfect fusion of style and practicality. Don't hesitate to contact us today if you need more information, and let this immortal typewriter become a treasured part of your writing journey!


Manufactured by: Olivetti Plant in Barcelona.

Year of Production: Constructed in Spain during the 1960s.

Designer: Marcello Nizzoli (Italy)

Colour: New El Granero design - high durability black car paint.

Weight: Approximately 3.5 kg (roughly 7.7 lb, excluding the case)

Dimensions: 12.6in x 11.8in x 3.15in (approximately 32cm x 30cm x 8cm)

Carriage Size: Adheres to the global A4 standard (standard paper weight range 80-180gsm)

Ribbon: A fresh ribbon has been installed (capable of up to 500 pages of typing)

Spool Size: Universally compatible with Group 4 or 8 (additional spools available in our store or online)

Vintage Spools: Black spools are included in the price

Keyboard layout: Universal QWERTY (with additional "ñ" ) You can type in English and Spanish.

Manuals: A printed replica of the original manual will be included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danielle Maestas
This is an absolutely stunning typewriter!...

This is an absolutely stunning typewriter! It is in excellent condition, and the sellers included a Tolkien quote and a cute typewriter pin! It comes with an instruction manual, which was helpful as this is my first typewriter.

The shipping to the USA took approximately 1.5 months longer than predicted. I don't blame the sellers for this, as they posted the typewriter in the post VERY quickly. The wait was worth it. Fortunately this typewriter just for personal use - if purchased as a gift, buy VERY early.

The only bummer was the installed typewriter ribbon being almost completely dried out - I purchased a new typewriter ribbon today but am sad that I can't use my typewriter until it arrives.

The sellers are AMAZING. They have been very helpful and kind. This is the only shop I'd consider for purchasing a typewriter.

Rob Madden
Perfect condition, excellent service. Wort...

Perfect condition, excellent service. Worth the wait.

Alia Al-Hashemi
I've been enjoying learning to use this ty...

I've been enjoying learning to use this typewriter. It's not difficult or anything but takes a little getting used to, what with all the moving parts and the different levers and buttons and things. It became much easier to use with the personal touch tuning lever set to the setting recommended for beginners. The customer service was great, as ElGranero kept me updated on the status of the shipment through covid-related delays and everything. Would definitely recommend this shop to others interested in a typewriter.