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    All you need is Love and a Good Typewriter!​



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    Each of our typewriters is in perfect working condition! and a great shape.

    We always work hard to make them shine and type smoothly again.

    They're taken apart, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled, oiled and adjusted.

    Also polished or repainted if needed. If it's possible a carrying case is also revitalized, which means it’s cleaned, painted or the stains on the plastic are removed, locks are repaired or replaced.

    We record a video before the shipping, you get a test page and signed quality certificate.

    Everything is double checked by our team.


    Typewriters are ready to use! A new ink ribbon is always installed prior to the shipping and you can easily type over 500 pages with it. You don't have to worry where to buy a new ribbon, you can always order it in our shop or find them easily online, they're still manufactured.


    Gift wrapping is Free!

    If you buy it as a present for someone special, we can add a typed note from you :)

    We will do it even if it is a gift for yourself!

    We can customize the entire gift- from the colour of a typewriter to hand made paper sheets.


    One Year Worldwide Warranty is our standard!

    Each item is packed in a few layers of bubble plastic wrap and double wall cardboard box to protect your typewriter in transit.

    Every standard or priority shipping is followed by us and covered by insurance.

    Once your typewriter arrives at your door we offer a post-purchase technical support! We care about everything.

    Sounds good? We hope so!


    Happy shopping!



    ICONIC OLIVETTI LETTERA 32 - perfectly working vintage typewriter - Professionally Serviced
    360.00 - 450.00
    Classic OLYMPIA TRAVELLER Deluxe - professionally serviced vintage portable working typewriter
    Red Olympia SM9 - Working typewriter - vintage working typewriter - qwerty portable typewriter
    ADLER Junior-E Danish/Norweigian qwerty perfectly working vintage typewriter - Professio
    Custom Dust Cover for Small Typewriters
    Custom Order - OLIVETTI STUDIO de Luxe - mint condition perfectly working vintage typewriter
    ROYAL ROYALITE - working portable typewriter - 1961 vintage typewriter -American qwerty keyboard
    FACIT PRIVAT - pristine condition typewriter Swedish keyboard
    Out of Stock
    ICONIC OLIVETTI LETTERA 32 - rare techno Elite font - very good vintage condition
    Out of Stock
    ICONIC OLIVETTI LETTERA 32 - vintage portable manual typewriter
    Montana Luxe - very good vintage condition working typewriter - 1950s typewriter - rare typewriter
    QWERTY Hermes Rocket - very good vintage condition working typewriter - 1956 typewriter
    Out of Stock
    RESERVED!!HERMES BABY typewriter - professionally serviced seafoam green portable working typewriter
    HERMES BABY typewriter - professionally serviced seafoam green portable working typewriter
    Out of Stock
    HERMES BABY typewriter - professionally serviced seafoam green portable working typewriter
    Out of Stock
    ICONIC OLIVETTI LETTERA 32 - vintage portable manual typewriter
    High durability paint - OLIVETTI Studio 44 typewriter - maroon/burgundy 1950s vintage working office
    OLYMPIA SM3 - Vintage Typewriter - Portable Manual typewriter - working typewriter
    Out of Stock
    Red Olympia SM9 - Working typewriter - vintage working typewriter - German portable typewriter
    BLACK OLIVETTI ICO - rare typewriter - portable typewriter - working typewriter -qwerty
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  •  OLIVETTI Red Valentine portable Typewriter


    OLIVETTI Valentine expresses the mood of 70's: goodbye to the bulky cast-iron housings of old typewriters, hello to the new mobility of a light, modern, plastic casing made from ABS.The Valentine is revered as a 20th century design icon.

    Olivetti Studio 46

    Created in 1935 by engineer Ottavio Luzzati.Hard to find fault in this truly handsome machine. Designed by Alexander "Xanti" Schawinsky, the Olivetti 46/42 reflects German "Bauhaus School"

    OLIVETTI Studio 44 Burgundy Typewriter

    OLIVETTI Studio 44

    Stunning Beauty and perfect mechanics!!! Loved by typewriter collectors and writers now and in 50-60's! Great writing experience. Revitelized by our company now shining better then ever!

    OLIVETTI Lettera 32 Pink Typewriter

    OLIVETTI Lettera 32

    This typewriter was popular amongst journalists and students in 60-70's and is One of the most famous typewriters in the world. Originally painted in military green colour. 

    Think Pink by Typewriter.Company

    OLIVETTI Lettera 22 ( Pluma ) Orange Typewriter

    OLIVETTI Lettera 22

    According to British Consumers' Association Report on Portable Typewriters, contained in the December 1962 edition of Which? magazine, Lettera 22 was the Most Versatile Typewriter.


    Write a lot and make the world a better place!


  • Our Story



    We revitalize typewriters for the good of humanity.


    For the last 15 years we've been living on the Spanish Costa del Sol, enjoying the sunny weather, bringing up our two sons, four rescued dogs and combining our passions into one fulfilling journey. We've always liked exceptional things, and we always start each of our trips with a visit to a local flea market where we hunt for treasures. The idea of having our own shop appeared many years ago during our trip to Amsterdam, but at that time we couldn't have dreamt about selling our bits and pieces to such distant countries as New Zealand, China, USA or Sri Lanka! Now thanks to the Internet anything is possible!


    Quality and hard work always win.


    We named it El Granero* Typewriter Gift Shop and that’s how our it was born! For the last 5 years we have been running our own workshop where we offer a professional typewriter service.​ At the beginning it wasn’t easy to say good-bye to our typewriters but with the time we learnt to appreciate it. We started receiving emails from first clients! "WOW! amazing customer service! Thank You!" Maybe it will sound as cliché, but our customer's satisfaction was our top priority and the key was our products' quality! Just imagine delivering almost 2000 intricate machines to new homes thousands miles away... on time and in perfect shape! It was extremely complicated but we did it!
    (*English-The Barn)

    We shipped safely overseas to over 50 countries and our machines are displayed in museums, galleries and hundreds of them are in private collections around the world. Our Pink Olivetti Lettera 32 is in Lady Gaga's hands, a set of custom-made Olivetti Letteras 35 on Eddie Vedder's desk and our Lilac Olivetti Lettera 25 in Ruby Rose's house.
    The list is growing and more and more people are inspired!
    Thousands of romantic love letters and greeting cards were written on our typewriters.

    Typewriter is not just another item, there is always a story behind it.
    Richard Polt once wrote- "Every typewriter is unique. It's been touched a million times by its owner(s)... As the habits of its user creates nicks and quirks, the typewriter's behaviour becomes more individual."
    Typewriter is a machine, right! but with a soul! It is your heavy duty best friend... Your feelings, thoughts, the keys and the touch of your fingers ...it will take minutes, hours, years... Imagine, your stories, your memories, your heritage.
    In the future it will be a perfect gift for someone you love.
    .... A new story will begin :)

    All You need is love and a good typewriter!

    Best Regards from Southern Spain
    Ania ❤️ Jacek





    Dream Big! Live with Purpose, Passion and Pleasure.


  • Each day, we revitalize another gorgeous typewriter.

    Our work gives inspiration to writers, poets, artists, travellers, ...

    Let us help you find your writing bliss.

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    If you’re a beginner in the world of typewriters and it's difficult to choose one, please feel free to ask us for a recommendation. There are no silly questions, so don't worry we will be happy to help you. We can find the best model for your needs, lifestyle and wallet.
    If you use a typewriter on a daily basis or you are a collector, just contact us and we will find the best one for you!

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    We've prepared a few of the most frequently asked questions that should help you during purchase and shipping process.


    Every typewriter you sell is in a working order?

    We are Premium shop and all our typewriters, apart from looking great, are in a perfect working order as all of them are repaired, adjusted, serviced and double-checked. Some original parts may be even replaced by parts from identical typewriters to make them looks better.


    When will my typewriter be shipped?

    The estimated shipping date is always available on the order form, usually it’s 3-7 working days after the purchase date for original typewriters and 1- 2 weeks for painted ones. For special custom orders ask us for an estimated time needed. If you need your typewriter earlier, contact us and we will see what can be done


    How long does the delivery take?

    It depends on the place of destination and the kind of a service you paid. Deliveries to Europe take 3-5 business days for Expedited shipping, 5-12 business days for Economy one. Overseas - 3-6 business days for Expedited shipping, 10-21 business days for Economy one. If you need it sooner, you can always contact us and we will see what can be done.


    Do you ship to the States, Canada or other distant places?

    Yes, we have already shipped our typewriter to more than 80 different countries around the world, so even if your country is not on our shipping price list, contact us and we will provide you an estimate.


    Is my product insured?

    Every shipping is covered with basic insurance, if you would like to upgrade to Full Money Guarantee, please contact us and we will send you an estimate.


    What accessories are included in my typewriter order?

    As it was mentioned before, all typewriters have a new ink ribbon installed, most of them an original carrying case or a bag, original or reprinted manual. Some of them have also original brushes included. All the details are always stated in the listing. We also offer a wide range of accessories like plastic or fabric dust covers, cleaning kits or additional ribbons or spools.


    Where can I get the ink ribbons for my typewriter?

    We always install a new ribbon prior to shipping so your typewriter will be ready to use the minute you unpack it. If you need more you can purchase them in our shop, we have them always available, they can be also easily found on Ebay or Amazon.​


    Can you find me a particular model of a typewriter that I was looking for?

    Yes, of course. We will treat it as a custom order, which has to be placed with a 30% of an estimated price, which depending on the model, might change in the process.

    Of course you will be informed of any change prior to the deal closure.


    What if I change my mind about the model or colour of my typewriter after my order is placed?

    If the typewriter is still in the process and there is still time to change it, we always try to be flexible, but you have to remember that some of the orders are quite unique or already packed, so whatever you want to change, always ask us first and we will see if it’s possible.

Shop Policy
First of all thank you for visiting our shop!
We hope you will find something for you or a perfect gift for someone special!
Please read our Shop policy before you buy.
We accept payments by PayPal and by all Credit Cards. Wire Transfers are also welcome but please contact us first. We always ship after receiving a full payment.
The price you pay in our shop is a total price (with all the taxes applicable), but you as a buyer/importer are responsible for any customs/importation taxes in your country (if any).
Our company is based in Spain (EU). We will ship to you asap from Malaga.
We ship depending on the purchase order and estimated processing time. We have a range from 1-10 business days or 1-10 weeks for custom orders.
We ship to whichever address you have listed with your buyer profile on PayPal (or we agreed otherwise)
All the items are carefully wrapped in a few layers of bubble plastic, securely packed in new hard cardboard boxes and protected with few layers of waterproof plastic (We can say: Tsunami Proof!)
As a gift shop we offer a gift wrapping and a special personalized card with a note or a quote of your choice, everything free of charge. If you need anything more, you can always contact us.
Every ECONOMY shipping is covered with basic insurance.
If you would like to upgrade to FedEx  Money-Back Guarantee®​, please contact us and we will send you an estimate.
Please send us your phone number for easy delivery. 
Any additional information and your preferences are welcome before we ship. Let us know if you are a beginner or an experienced user.
Estimated delivery time depends on various factors such as customs checks, bank holidays, road accidents, weather, etc.
FedEx International Economy®​
TNT Express Economy® 
or other carrier
►USA & Canada 7- 14 working days
►Australia & New Zeland 10-21 working days
►EU countries 1-7 working days
►non EU 3-10 working days
►Rest of The World 5-21 working days
FedEx International Priority®
TNT Express®
►USA & Canada 3-5 working days
►Australia & New Zealand 4-6 working days
►EU countries 1-2 working days
►non EU 2-3 working days
►Rest of The World 2-9 working days​
All shipments that cross international borders must be cleared through customs, and you may also be required to provide some additional information to obtain clearance from other regulatory agencies in the destination country prior to delivery to the recipient.
With the Economy shipping we get the tracking number when the package is released by the Spanish customs. We will follow a package on request and you will be informed about its current status online.
International tracking number for Economy shipping usually works fine but in some cases it is not updated online by carrier or even active (depends on the destination and situation in a warehouse)
Please ask if you have any questions about the estimated delivery time to your destination or alternative shipping options thanks to FedEx® and TNT® services we can resolve urgent delivery orders.
Available 1-3 days reservations without any deposit. We accept 1-4 weeks reservations with 25% deposit (not refundable if you resign)
We will treat it as a custom order, which has to be placed with a 30% of an estimated price, which depending on the model, might change in the process. Of course you will be informed of any change prior to the deal closure.
For special custom orders ask us for an estimated time needed. If you need your typewriter earlier, contact us and we will see what can be done.

If the product arrives damaged, you must photograph the item and the damaged packaging, directly inform the courier (if possible at the door) or the agency and contact us within first 48 hours after the delivery (or we agreed otherwise). That's the only way to put a claim to the shipping agency!  
FedEx Claim support
TNT Claim support
To support your claim, you may be required to provide proof of the damage, including the external packaging. The contents of the consignment and the original packaging should be available for inspection at the delivery address. 
We will put a claim and help you to cut the losses with the transport company.
Please note. All the items and typewriters are double-checked and are sent only if working perfectly and are prepared for long and safe journey (but) sometimes because of a rough handling in transit package can be damaged.
We are not accountable for any damages that occur after the typewriter has been shipped. We will help you to cut the losses with the transport company.

Should your package not arrive regardless of all the care taken, we will put a claim, which may take from 14 to 21 days, so your patience will be required. But if after this period they still can't locate it, no worries, we will refund the money or we will send you a new or a different one, if you accept it and the price is similar.
We're totally sure of what and how we do it and we know that you will be satisfied only if the product you have bought would amaze and inspire you.
If, for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase, please contact us first. You have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving it. We must receive the product in the same condition it was sent, all return shipping must be prepaid by buyers and we cannot accept collect deliveries. Once we receive the product in the same condition, we will refund you the full amount paid minus the shipping cost both ways. Item must be shipped as a return with 3 copies of the invoice for customs.