• Classic Olivetti Studio 46

    Created in 1935 by engineer Ottavio Luzzati.Hard to find fault in this truly handsome machine. Designed by Alexander "Xanti" Schawinsky, the Olivetti 46/42 reflects German "Bauhaus School"

     OLIVETTI Red Valentine portable Typewriter

    Iconic Design Olivetti Valentine

    OLIVETTI Valentine expresses the mood of 70's: goodbye to the bulky cast-iron housings of old typewriters, hello to the new mobility of a light, modern, plastic casing made from ABS.The Valentine is revered as a 20th century design icon.

    OLIVETTI Studio 44 Burgundy Typewriter

    Our Custom Made Studio 44

    Stunning Beauty and perfect mechanics!!! Loved by typewriter collectors and writers now and in 50-60's! Great writing experience. Revitelized by our company now shining better then ever!

    OLIVETTI Lettera 32 Pink Typewriter

    Pink Lady Gaga Olivetti Lettera 32

    This typewriter was popular amongst journalists and students in 60-70's and is One of the most famous typewriters in the world. Originally painted in military green colour. 

    Think Pink by Typewriter.Company

    OLIVETTI Lettera 22 ( Pluma ) Orange Typewriter

    Best Seller Orange Lettera 22

    According to British Consumers' Association Report on Portable Typewriters, contained in the December 1962 edition of Which? magazine, Lettera 22 was the Most Versatile Typewriter.