Our House-Selected Marvels. 

At ElGranero Premium Typewriter Gift Shop and Repair, dive into our handpicked collection of typewriting treasures. Featuring iconic brands like Olivetti, Olympia, Hermes, Royal, Remington, Smith Corona, Underwood, and Adler, each typewriter is a testimony to timeless craftsmanship. Beyond these well-known classics, uncover limited editions and rare finds that promise to add a distinctive flair to your collection. Our selection also includes various fonts and keyboard layouts catering to different languages, ensuring a personalized typing experience. Every typewriter, be it a standard model or a special edition, undergoes a meticulous restoration process to ensure top-notch quality and authenticity. At ElGranero, your satisfaction is our priority; we offer expert advice and assistance to help you find the perfect piece. Embark on your vintage typewriter journey today and embrace the timeless elegance firsthand.